FRIEND (The One With Gunther)

Written and performed by Brendan Murphy
Directed by Hamish MacDougall

Direct from sold-out Edinburgh Fringe premiere. 

One man, 10 seasons, one hour! The entirety of classic sitcom FRIENDS as seen by chief barista Gunther, and reimagined by acclaimed comic Brendan Murphy (recent credits include the Las Vegas season of Olivier Award nominee hit ‘Potted Potter’, Best of Edinburgh winning parody ‘The Crown Dual’ and improv comedy classic ‘Battleacts’).

It’s been twenty-five years since the FRIENDS pilot was filmed and still it looms large as one of the most successful television shows of all time. Translated into various languages and airing in over 50 different countries, rarely has a show had such global appeal. After it arrived on Netflix on New Year’s Day 2018, it became the most-streamed show on the internet.

​An hour of life changing entertainment from your new best FRIEND.

“Riotously funny! Expressions as malleable as putty” THREEWEEKS

“Perfect night with Friends… quite remarkable… a lot of laughs!” SCOTTISH FIELD

“Murphy interplays beautifully with his audience” THE FOUNTAIN

The Trial

Written by Franz Kafka
Adapted by Steven Berkoff

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) wrote most of what we know as The Trial in 1914 during the first months of World War I. But he never finished the novel, regarding it as hopelessly “bungled” and leaving it unpublished at his death. Steven Berkoff adapted the novel for the stage and it was published in 1981.

Joseph K. has been arrested and is awaiting trial, but he has no idea why. As he attempts to discover what is behind his situation, he sinks deeper and deeper, flailing as he tries to escape. This darkly metaphysical play employs humour and reveals a deep sense of the human psyche when put under extreme pressure.

Set in 2036- an underground district of Prague. The ensemble cast will employ Berkovian physical techniques during this production and proves to be a though-provoking show.

Performed by students of Bedford School & Bedford Girls’ School

Dr Faustus

Splendid Productions present a new creative adaptation of an all-time classic. The brilliant scholar Dr Faustus uses his fabulous intellect to summon the actual devil to grant his every wish! But the devil has a price: it will cost Faustus his soul. Is this the best deal in history – absolutely everything for absolutely nothing? Or… is it perhaps the other way round…?

Splendid’s devilish cast of three pack a timeless tale into a thrilling hour of laughter, music, magic and amazement. Morality meets mortality in this ingenious reinvention of an Elizabethan drama that couldn’t be more contemporary.

“a joyous celebration of humanity, and a triumph of physical theatre”  ★★★★ THE LIST (EVERYMAN)

For school group bookings:
Box Office: 01234 362337
or email: /

The Wind in The Willows

Prep School Drama presents Kenneth Grahame’s classic tale of friendship and adventure, set against a backdrop of the gentle English countryside of yesteryear.

We are delighted to announce that the Saturday matinee performance of this show will have BSL interpretation.

The Unremarkable Death of Marilyn Monroe

From the award-winning creators of Christmas Gothic, Orlando, and The Time Machine.

August 5th, 1962: Monroe as we’ve never seen her before: alone in her bedroom, in dressing gown and underwear; no glitz, no glamour, no masks.  Overdosed on pills, the woman behind the icon unravels her remarkable life, taking us back through the memories of her closest relationships.  Repeatedly stalked by a mysterious caller, the Hollywood icon tells all (Joe DiMaggio, Clark Gable, Arthur Miller, her mother – it’s all here), revealing a biting intelligence and an imperfect body, leading us in real time to the very moment of her death.

Written and Directed by Elton Townend Jones (Dalloway, Orlando, Jane Eyre: An Autobiography, The Time Machine).  Performed by Lizzie Wort (RSC’s The Magician’s Daughter, Animal Farm).  Winner of the Three Weeks Editors Award.

“Spellbinding” ★★★★★ THE CARRICK
“Outstanding” ★★★★★ ONE4REVIEW
“Startling, sensual, sarcastic… anything but unremarkable” ★★★★ THREE WEEKS
“A fantastic performance… a great production… an absolute must” ★★★★ BROADWAY BABY
“Powerful and poetic… a dazzling performance” ★★★★ EDINBURGH GUIDE

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

Straight from London’s West End via the legendary Sydney Opera House, this international sensation is now coming to The Quarry Theatre in May 2020. Officially the world’s most sought after tribute to the BBC sitcom, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience is an ‘outrageously funny’ night (Broadway Baby) not to be missed!

Become part of the action as Basil, Sybil and Manuel serve up mayhem on a plate along with five stars, three courses and two hours of non-stop laughter. Expect nothing short of guaranteed fun and a brilliant night out as you climb inside your favourite TV show and experience it from the inside out… With over 70% improvised, this is the completely immersive and highly interactive experience where anything can happen… and usually does!

“Immersive theatre at its startling best” ★★★★★ BEST OF THEATRE, LONDON WEST END 2019

“For a good dinner and an even better show – this one is a no brainer! It is a fantastic concept executed to perfection, and we can’t recommend this enough. It is two straight hours of side-splitting laughter guaranteed.” ★★★★★ SCOTTISH FIELD, EDINBURGH FRINGE 2019 

“Hilarious!” ★★★★★ WHAT’S ON LONDON


Spitfire Solo

Written and performed by Nicholas Collett
Co-devised and directed by Gavin Robertson
Executive Producer Tim Marriott

80 years ago on this date (10th July, 1940), The Battle of Britain began…

June 2000 – for eighty-year old Peter Walker, ex-Battle of Britain pilot, an unexpected new challenge is about to begin.

As he re-lives past glories, losses, wartime experiences, family memories and the heady days of blue skies and battles, he searches for the answer to the biggest question so far!

Personal, charming, funny and inventive, ‘Spitfire Solo’ blends theatre, music and film. Ex-RSC and West End actor Nicholas Collett plays a multitude of characters and recreates the Battle of Britain – onstage!

In association with the RAF Benevolent Fund

“This fascinating one-man show…Nicholas Collett’s finest hour includes not only history, but one man’s life, with its triumphs and its tragedies… he has created, in this understated but deeply felt performance, a memorable character” ★★★★ THE PUBLIC REVIEWS

“Exceptional…a touching, engaging experience” THE ADELAIDE ADVERTISER


“Every child has different complications…”

It seems like the start of any other week for Class 3, but they are poised on the brink of disaster. 

Tactile Drew is a safeguarding hazard, Chloe’s obsession with reluctant love of her life Ryan is causing a rift with her best friend Kaylee, Liam’s eager helping hands are proving unwelcome, and loner Jenny may not be able to avoid getting dragged into the situation.

Perhaps Mr Finch would be more on top of things if he wasn’t so distracted by yet another update to the school safeguarding guidelines, but a misunderstanding involving a speech impediment and a mop results in a career-threatening incident that his colleagues won’t be able to ignore. It’s just as well that mobile phones are not allowed in school – the last thing anyone needs is the parents finding out. They couldn’t find out… could they?

Six actors bring to life a colourful array of pupils, parents and teachers, and invite you into a world where the adults in charge are maybe the biggest children of all.

An exciting new score by James Lark (the award-winning composer of Tony Blair the Musical and The Snow Spider) veers from childlike simplicity to gratuitously adult anfractuosity (that’s a grown-up word for complicated). We can promise toe-tapping tunes, highs, lows and more than a few tantrums. There might be a few naughty words and there will certainly be a few naughty characters.

But after a single calamitous day, we can’t guarantee that everyone will be coming back to school tomorrow…