Youth Pride 2019 with Simon James Green

Youth Pride returns to Bedford for the second year, this time in partnership with BookTastic and Rogan’s Books, who welcome bestselling author Simon James Green!

Simon will be talking to us about his latest hilarious and heart-flippingly romantic novel, ‘Alex in Wonderland’.

Simon is also one of a star-studded cast of contributor’s to ‘Proud’, a stirring, bold and moving anthology of stories, poetry and illustration. Including voices such as Juno Dawson, David Levithan, Alice Oseman and David Roberts, it is a celebration of LGBTQ+ talent, and a thought-provoking, funny, emotional read.

Join us for a celebration of LGBTQ+ literature and Youth Pride.

Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult, with an additional ticket required for the adult.

Reeve and McIntyre: The Legend of Kevin

Who doesn’t love ponies? Especially Roly Poly ones who can fly!

Come and meet Kevin, the four legged, two-winged hero of the latest book from Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre: includes drawing, singing, and general mucking about.

Christopher Edge: The Longest Night of Charlie Noon

“If you go into the woods, Old Crony will get you.”

Secrets, spies or maybe even a monster… What lies in the heart of the wood? Charlie, Dizzy and Johnny are determined to discover the truth, but when night falls without warning they find themselves trapped in a nightmare. Lost in the woods, strange dangers and impossible puzzles lurk in the shadows. As time plays tricks, can Charlie solve this mystery and find a way out of the woods? But what if this night never ends…?

A timeless novel for anyone who’s ever felt lost. From the award-winning author of The Many Worlds of Albie Bright and The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day.

James Nicol: The Apprentice Witch

The war is over and Arianwyn has discovered the secret of the quiet glyphs, but her troubles are far from over.

Her day-to-day work as Lull’s witch is tricky enough: winter has set in, bringing bad weather, ice imps and befuddling Yule traditions. But when Arianwyn’s grandmother is abducted by the traitor on the Council, our witch faces her greatest challenge yet. What really makes a witch come true? Our lovable heroine is about to find out …

Join James to discover what happens to Arianwyn in the final instalment of James Nicol’s popular witchy trilogy, perfect for fans of The Worst Witch and Diana Wynne Jones.

Steve Cole: Strange Superheroes

Steve Cole, author of bestselling series such as Astrosaurs, Cows in Action, Secret Agent Mummy, Magic Ink, Dr Who, Young Bond and many, many more, returns to BookTastic with a bang to celebrate his latest book, Adventure Duck Vs Power Pug!

Steve is already known to most families locally for his high energy, laugh-a-minute ukelele-accompanied masterclass in ‘chucking imagination at words’. Don’t miss his energetic performance at this year’s BookFest!!

Philip Reeve: The Worlds of Mortal Engines and Railhead

Explore far-future civilisations and adventures with author Philip Reeve.

Philip will talk about his work developing both the Mortal Engines and Railhead Series:

Mortal Engines covers nearly 20 years of a far-future age, The Traction Era, when cities roam the world hunting for smaller towns to dismantle for their raw-materials.

Zen Starling rides the rails and his luck across a place of many dangers in Railhead. Explore this adventure novel set in a future civilization of many worlds, all linked by a hyperspace railway.

This event will focus on Philip’s work for older children and teenagers. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult, with an additional ticket required for the adult.

Sarah McIntyre: Grumpycorn

Unicorn wants to write the most fabulous story in the world. He has a fancy notebook. A special fluffy pen. He has everything just perfect. But Unicorn has NO IDEA what to write! When his friends try to join in, will Unicorn turn into a … GRUMPYCORN? Join story legend Sarah McIntyre to draw your very own Grumpycorn to take home with you!

AF Harrold: Greta Zargo

Greta is an ordinary(ish) eleven-year-old orphan girl with journalistic aspirations, an absent-minded inventor aunt and a pair of ex-circus grandads. She’s on the hunt for that elusive Big Scoop that will finally get her name on the front page of The Local Newspaper and win her the prestigious Prilchard-Sprizer Award.

In the meantime, all across the galaxy, planets are being destroyed by robots, in the name of exploration and the hunt for new knowledge. And now, the next planet in their sights is the planet Earth.

And, for various complicated reasons, only Greta stands in their way…

A.F. Harrold is now infamous in Bedford for his high-octane performances and for terrifying the BSL interpretors…