Conscia Jazz present

CJF17: Mark Pringle & Tom Syson

Saturday 2nd September, 11.30am

Performing on the Main Stage of the Conscia Jazz Festival 2017 on Saturday at 11.30am will be Mark Pringle & Tom Syson!

Award-winning pianist Mark Pringle and unique young trumpeter Tom Syson explore the art of the duo. Embracing influences from the golden early years of jazz and the contemporary avantgarde, the pair weave rich melodic tapestries, evoking times past and present, all projected through the prism of their own experiences to create music tinged with nostalgia, yet driven by radicalism.

Beginning in 2014 as an investigation of Chet Baker’s music, the duo use composed material as a starting point for developing music through improvisation. Quickly moving away from this early influence, they nevertheless retain a focus on purity of expression and song-like melody. Each performance is not only slightly different, but significantly so. Sparks fly across the listening room through lively interplay, revealing unexpected moments of playfulness, dark intensity and beauty.


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