The Quarry Theatre Presents

The Ephebe Chorus of Ancient Greek Theatres

Monday 28th January, 6:30pm

The role of the chorus in ancient Greek tragedy was performed by ephebes.

Ephebes, idealised for being in the prime of their physical lives, are the age-class of young Athenian men (18-20 years of old) who would soon embark on two years of compulsory military service.
Drawing on Dr. Shüler’s recent publication “The Greek Tragic Chorus and Its Training for War”, from War and Theatrical Innovation (2017), this lecture begins by arguing that tragic choral training and performance functioned as a surrogate military training for these young men.

Furthermore, the lecture introduces Dr. Shüler’s current research into how same-sex desire from the predominantly adult male citizen audience might inform their reading of the ephebe’s dancing body.

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