Highly Sprung Physical Theatre Co presents

Fall Out

Tuesday 6th February, 7.30pm

You’re told to work hard, go to school, get your exams, blah, blah, blah.

Why bother? You’d rather be in a club, having a laugh. Chilling with your mates. But then there’s your mate Jay, he’s really down. Lost all hope.

What you don’t know is that Jay’s got a plan.

Highly Sprung’s high-energy physical theatre performance takes you inside a nightclub where three teenage friends embark on a journey of love, loss and self-discovery. You will be immersed in a frantic, energy fuelled production of dance, music, aerial movement and storytelling.

Get ready to go clubbing. You’re in for the night of your life.

Fall Out was written in response to a growing concern that more young people are becoming disempowered, that they no longer have a voice or control over their own futures. Suicide rates amongst young people have risen in recent years and statistics suggest that 33% of young people (aged 16-24) consider taking their own lives.

Highly Sprung co-directors Mark and Sarah Worth say: “Fall Out is about young people searching for their voice through adolescence to adulthood. Focused at a young audience, it looks at issues that aren’t easily discussed at home or at school, and are therefore often swept under the carpet. Fall Out gives the audience a chance to face these issues head on, in a positive way.”


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