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Saturday 23rd May, 7.30pm

“Every child has different complications…”

It seems like the start of any other week for Class 3, but they are poised on the brink of disaster. 

Tactile Drew is a safeguarding hazard, Chloe’s obsession with reluctant love of her life Ryan is causing a rift with her best friend Kaylee, Liam’s eager helping hands are proving unwelcome, and loner Jenny may not be able to avoid getting dragged into the situation.

Perhaps Mr Finch would be more on top of things if he wasn’t so distracted by yet another update to the school safeguarding guidelines, but a misunderstanding involving a speech impediment and a mop results in a career-threatening incident that his colleagues won’t be able to ignore. It’s just as well that mobile phones are not allowed in school – the last thing anyone needs is the parents finding out. They couldn’t find out… could they?

Six actors bring to life a colourful array of pupils, parents and teachers, and invite you into a world where the adults in charge are maybe the biggest children of all.

An exciting new score by James Lark (the award-winning composer of Tony Blair the Musical and The Snow Spider) veers from childlike simplicity to gratuitously adult anfractuosity (that’s a grown-up word for complicated). We can promise toe-tapping tunes, highs, lows and more than a few tantrums. There might be a few naughty words and there will certainly be a few naughty characters.

But after a single calamitous day, we can’t guarantee that everyone will be coming back to school tomorrow…


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